Are you a Tenacious Queen?

Tenacious Queens are Ambitious Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs seeking the next level to...
More Impact, Money, and Freedom!

We are stubborn about our goals and we take pride in our "Soro" Queen vibe! 

We ask that you come with your heart 
open to receive AND to share love to your Queen Sisters. 
This Queen Sister Space is perfect for the following Entrepreneurs:
Discovered niche/target audience now seeking to monetize.

Have monetized, but not at the level you desire.

Have one established business and now moving into new exciting territory.

I know a freedom-based lifestyle is extremely important to you.
I know you desire to choose the income you earn, 
choose the people you work with on a daily basis, 
and choose the lifestyle you desire for you and your family. 
In this space you will learn how to:
  • EARN CONSISTENT income to replace your 9-5 income
  • MASTER the Art of the Authentic Selling to get that outpour of abundance you know you deserve deep down within your heart.
  • ELIMINATE Paralysis Analysis to catapult your Impact , Money, and Freedom with your heart instead of your mind.
We are a ROBUST GROUP...  Look out for Masterclasses, Mini Challenges, 
and other activities to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.
Stay connected to our themed days 
to increase your impact, money, and freedom:
Tenacious Queens Unite group is the place 
where success is guaranteed to happen!
Together with your Queen Sisters you'll have access to everything you need to attract the right clients and grow a profitable business earning $10K, $20K, $50K or more a month to achieve the freedom-based lifestyle you desire and legacy to leave behind for your kids and grandkids.

We look forward to serving you! 

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